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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making bags from clothing - bring back memories

 One of my favourite ways of recycling, is to make things from items of clothing. Having two girls, you have lots of pieces of clothing, that bring back memories of times when they wore the clothing. So, if you decide to keep these pieces of clothing what do you do with them...? This little bag started life as a denim dress, which both of my girls wore when they were tiny. So I decided to make a bag that they could use for 'shopping', carting around dolls/teddies etc etc.

I began by sewing the bottom of the dress/bag together at the hem, and 'boxing' the corners, to give it a squared off bottom. I sewed the seam of the back of the dress together from the inside (where the buttons are on the bag).

I then chopped off the top part of the dress.
Using the 'armhole' parts of the dress, I made these into the handles for the bag, and sewed them on the main bag. Using an offcut of fabric, I botched together a lining for the bag. This was then sewn into the bag. (For projects like this, I rarely measure the fabric, I just roughly 'measure' by eye and hope for the best :)  )

Using some extra material (the same as the lining) I sewed the top 'trim' to the bag on.

The other side of the finished bag.
Keep on recyling :)