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Monday, February 20, 2012

Super cheap (or free) playmat for play dough, painting, crafts etc

Remember TWISTER? Well this twister mat is being put to a very different use in our house.

We picked up the game at a garage sale, for I think around $1.
All you need is the mat inside. It's a large size, made from pretty tough plastic sheeting (or the old versions are anyway - I haven't seen any of the new ones to be sure about those).

The mat makes a FANTASTIC all purpose mat to be used in and out of the home for kids crafts. In these pics, we used it, folded up, on the kitchen workbench to keep things clean, while our home made play dough was being used (recipe in this blog). The mat is also great on the floor, when the kids are doing craft projects, and outside, under their painting easel, to keep the paving clean when they're making their latest masterpiece :)

The kids love it because of the bright colours and pattern.
We love it because it's a great, cheap and easy thing to maintain and clean, and it helps keep the mess to a minimum.

Hope this helps :)