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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Myhome made version of Bella Swan's / Cullen's Bags

Bella Swan appeared with the iconic
peacock feathered bag, in Twilight,
and then in New Moon. The bag on the left, is my home-made version of the bag that Bella carries. She's first seen with the bag, when Charlie and herself are outside of Charlie's house, unloading her luggage from his police car. Her first day of her new life in Forks...   I made the bag using Christilynn's pattern and instructions, with a few alterations to the base of the bag, to 'box' it out (to hold more of my stuff!).  The bag was made on a budget, using a reject offcut of real leather (from a discount haberdashery store local to me). My poor old original Brother sewing machine really struggled to sew it's way through this, but we got there together in the end :) My partner had to do all of the rivet work, to attach all of the straps etc. I used a magnetic enclosure on the inside.

The lining on Bella's bag is a gorgeous tealy blue colour. I initially did find a teal fabric, and began to sew it in, but it just didn't look right. I decided to really personalise it by finding this fabric instead. The paisley style design, really reminded me of the feather, and the fabric was a mixture between the teal, blue's (which Bella appears in regularly in the books) and the reddish brown of the leather. (Apologies for the poor quality of picture, I'm still learning about my camera :)  I didn't include a zipped pocket on the inside (which would have been really helpful in stopping me lose my keys all the time), because I am still to master the fine art of sewing in successful zips! lol

The finished bag :) *

*Note: In no way do I claim the design of the original bag from the movie in any way. This is just my home made version. The real macoy can be bought from the designer directly, and can be found on etsy. thank you