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Monday, February 20, 2012

Bella Cullen's Transformation Bag

This bag was a little project that I created for myself. I really liked using my first 'Bella Bag' that I made, so I decided to have another try.
I had a think about what sort of things Bella might like after she had been transformed into a vampire. I decided that she'd go for a much lighter look, with the colour scheme. I decided upon staying with the feather theme, but chose a feather that looked close to the type that you might find in a pillow (as in the 'why am I covered in feathers?' line in the book. I decided that this would give Bella good memories of her honeymoon. The inside fabric was a mixture of blues (colours she wore in the books, and reminders of the honeymoon and cottage rooms), and also roses (as in the roses at her cottage).
I managed to find another super-cheap piece of material - this time a cream suede - at the same shop that I found the original leather in :) Super happy!
Amazingly, this time, the old Brother sewing machine glided through this material like butter - who would've thought? This made the whole making process much more enjoyable. I chose to stick to white thread for the detailing, and again, chickened out of the much needed zip pocket (STILL can't work out how to do a successful zip!).
Again, my partner gave me very much appreciated help with the rivet work (I think his words were something like "not another bag!" :)
I would have like to have used silver rivets and hoops, but due to the cost of the rivets, and the fact that I still had a lot of the gold ones left, I really couldn't justify the extra expense.

After trying several super thin brushes, I found the most successful thing to paint the feather on with (using fabric 3D pearlised paint) was to use a needle!

On the whole, another little project that I really enjoyed giving myself to concentrate on :)

(Apologies for the dirty marks on the bag. It has had a lot of use, and is need of a good clean)